Anthony Mills headshotAnthony Mills is a global authority on strategic innovation. He has worked with organizations from all over the world to drive high-impact innovation programs and strategies that let them dominate their existing markets and create entirely new markets – shaping and owning their futures in the process.

Anthony serves as Executive Director of Global Innovation Institute ( – the world’s foremost certification, accreditation, and membership organization in the field of innovation – and is Founder & CEO of Legacy Innovation Group ( – a world-leading strategic innovation consulting firm serving clients across the globe.

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Let’s Settle the Debate – Innovation Both Is & Is Not Everyone’s Job

Is ‘innovation’ everyone’s job – as so many claim it is? Or is it not everyone’s job – as the counterargument goes? The reality is not quite so simple. Dive in as we examine the three cases of significance here – two in which innovation is everyone’s job, and one in which it isn’t.