Anthony Mills headshotAnthony Mills is a global authority on strategic innovation. He has worked with organizations from all over the world to drive high-impact innovation programs and strategies that let them dominate their existing markets and create entirely new markets – shaping and owning their futures in the process.

Anthony serves as Executive Director of Global Innovation Institute ( – the world’s foremost certification, accreditation, and membership organization in the field of innovation – and is Founder & CEO of Legacy Innovation Group ( – a world-leading strategic innovation consulting firm serving clients across the globe.

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Four Traits Your Next CEO Must Have For Your Organization to Thrive

Want to ensure your organization will thrive over the long run? If so, then your next CEO must have these four traits – 1) relentless focus on the long-term future; 2) inherently entrepreneurial mindset; 3) solid grounding in reality and the fundamentals of business; and 4) behavior of a consummate diplomat.

Let’s Settle the Debate – Innovation Both Is & Is Not Everyone’s Job

Is ‘innovation’ everyone’s job – as so many claim it is? Or is it not everyone’s job – as the counterargument goes? The reality is not quite so simple. Dive in as we examine the three cases of significance here – two in which innovation is everyone’s job, and one in which it isn’t.