Dariusz Sikora is the co-founder of Limitless. He holds a certificate from Oxford, a Master in International Business from University of Maastricht and a Master in Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship from University of Lodz. Dariusz has experience in innovation management, (social) impact assessment and strategies. He is currently leading the Social Innovation Academy project aiming to become the first fully online programme focused exclusively on social innovation. He held management positions at multinational groups in Benelux, including PwC, serving mobile and tech sectors, among others.

Urban innovation labs, hubs, coworking spaces… Which one to choose to boost your innovation?

Innovation is the Holy Grail of business success that can supercharge any kind of organisations from corporates to start-ups and shift them towards growth. Nevertheless, many organisations on the creative edge are struggling how to make innovation happen due to the rise of new work processes, changing demographics and new technologies.

Impact Assessment: The Innovation Paradigm Shift that is Coming

In the context of business management and economics, innovation has mainly been considered as a source of profit and growth. But innovation can also have a transformative role and recently more and more innovators and entrepreneurs are not only considering the financial returns of their projects, but also the societal impacts that they might bring with them.