After obtaining his PhD from Loughborough University (UK), Jean-Louis worked as a researcher at Oxford University and later INSEAD, specializing in organizational behavior, with a particular focus on cross-cultural issues and boss-subordinate relations. His research interests have since broadened to include the topics of leadership and change management. Jean-Louis has co-authored several books on these topics including: The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome with Jean-François Manzoni, Managing Across Cultures with Susan Schneider and The Global Challenge with Paul Evans and Vlado Pucik. He also collaborated with Preston Bottger on his recent book Leading the Top Team.

Five Lessons to Boost Your Innovation Practices

Innovation ain’t what it was. It was once the province of a department, with a clear remit: new product development. Today, it’s everywhere. It concerns not only products and services, but also processes, technologies, business models, pricing plans, and routes to market, even performance management practices – the whole value chain in fact.