Seda Röder, Managing Partner at The Mindshift®, is a leadership expert for innovation management and creativity culture. Ms. Röder is a specialist in scaling innovative output in organisations and provides leaders with tools to reinvent their innovation process to utilise their assets effectively. Ms. Röder is a professionally trained concert pianist and an exceptionally eloquent public speaker. Additionally, she is the founder of the Sonophilia® Network; a global think-tank for creative leadership and cross-industry collaboration with over 400 members from the international technology, arts, business and science realm.

Unleashing Virtual Creative Collaboration at The Sonophilia Foundation: What Can a Nonprofit Teach Us About Virtual Creative Collaboration

Does creativity suffer in our virtual world, or could working virtually actually lead to more collaborative environments, better ideation and heightened interaction? 

Start Here for Creative Leadership

How can leaders fight apathy or indifference in the workplace and create an environment where creativity and innovation can naturally flourish?

Willing to Innovate? Start with Improving on Culture!

It is neither the business models nor the products that are innovative, but rather the minds behind them. Hence, nurturing a culture where people are willing to generate and execute on creative ideas is an essential skill for every innovation leader.