For more than a decade, Armin Pajand has been exploring growth possibilities with executives and business leaders. First, as a portfolio manager and international investment analyst, he developed a keen talent for assessing the likelihood of strategic and organizational success. Then in his graduate studies at Oxford University and HEC School of Management, he complemented his business expertise with an understanding of talent management and leadership dynamics in a complex world. His research, coaching and consulting work have been focused on developing reliable and cost-effective roadmaps for sustainable change and business model innovation. He works with an exclusive group of leaders and organizations who are committed to taking themselves and their organizations to the next level of performance and growth. He is unique because of his integrated experience and expertise in developing leaders and organizations. His cutting-edge organizational effectiveness techniques save time and un- necessary efforts. He is unique in 3 ways: All of his organizational consulting interventions are grounded in business reality. He uses an integrative assessment model that saves time and quickly identifies blindspots and deficiencies. He does not lose sight of creating both short-term and long-term results and ROI for his clients.

How Neuroscience is Supporting Innovative Corporations

Progressive business leaders are building innovative actions, climates and ultimately cultures that align with “brain-friendly” science. In this article we outline some steps that you can take to support this kind of innovative organization.