Cyril Bouquet is Professor of Strategy at IMD. His major interest is the interface between organizational psychology, strategy and leadership. His teaching, research and consulting activities focus on leaders who are working with their teams to design winning competitive initiatives and action plans for running their business. He is currently examining these issues in large global organizations, where new types of competitive advantages are quickly emerging. He has published on such specific issues as managing human attention in today’s organizations, the strategies by which low-power actors gain influence within the firm, and the corporate social responsibility of global entreprises.

Taxis vs. Uber: A Perfect Example of Resistance to Change

In cities all over the world an ugly war is being fought by “traditional” taxi companies against a new form of competition from Uber and other ride-sharing services. This article points out three things traditional taxi companies have in common with businesses of the past.

Five Lessons to Boost Your Innovation Practices

Innovation ain’t what it was. It was once the province of a department, with a clear remit: new product development. Today, it’s everywhere. It concerns not only products and services, but also processes, technologies, business models, pricing plans, and routes to market, even performance management practices – the whole value chain in fact.