Fiona McLean is the founder and CEO of The Social Index, a reputation analysis business that helps businesses and individuals navigate the emerging complexities of social media for talent management and career decisions. Prior to this, Fiona was a senior HR leader with global experience in Professional and Financial Services and innovative start-ups , specialising in strategic HR, IR, Talent Management and transformation focused initiatives. She has an Honours degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Sydney, is member of leading Academic research groups and a well-regarded speaker on opportunities for HR and businesses to partner on Future of Work issues.

The New Strategic Talent Imperative: Why HR Leaders Should Be Setting An Organization’s Innovation Agenda

The increased focus of mature organizations in developing a more innovative culture and set of actions is a crucial opportunity for HR / Talent leaders to play a leadership role. This whitepaper examines a range of actions that HR / Talent leaders can take to drive this strategic imperative.