James Mabbott heads KPMG Innovate, the innovation services arm of KPMG Australia. A management consultant and technologist, James has spent over 15 years working with some of Australia’s largest companies on complex problem solving, industry and client analysis, relationship management and development, sales strategy and execution. As head of KPMG Innovate, James is responsible for delivering innovation projects to government and corporate clients, leading the firm’s startup eco-system initiatives and alliances, and bringing new KPMG products and services to market. James is also an active member of the community, heavily involved with Jawun (Indigenous Corporate Partnerships) and on the regional advisory council of the Sydney Business Chamber.

Changes to Drive More Value from Your Innovation / Ideation Platform

In our previous article we focused on some of the serious issues being faced by clients and vendors who are working with innovation / ideation platforms.

What the Ideation Platform Marketplace is Getting Wrong – the 7-Year Itch?

The ideation platform marketplace hasn’t really changed that much in the past 7 years or so. There was an early burst of innovative design and alignment with user needs, but at this point the sector seems to have stagnated in terms of how they add value. Call it reaching middle age, or perhaps they are having a 7-year itch?