Jim Frawley is a certified Executive Coach and Business Consultant, working with individuals and teams who are looking to reach higher levels of accomplishment through improved leadership, presence and performance. He is a former radio talk show host, an awarding winning public speaker and a financial industry expert with 15 years of experience. Working with Fortune 500 firms, Jim has implemented numerous marketing, public relation and investor relation strategies, the development of operational and product strategic initiatives, and also launched his own executive communications programs. Formerly a syndicated radio talk show host and award-winning public speaker, he holds his Executive Coaching designation credentials from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from the Catholic University of America. He can be reached at www.jimfrawley.com.

How Innovation and Authenticity Complement Each Other in a Corporate Environment

Authenticity and innovation are two of today’s biggest corporate buzzwords. They are often considered as separate values, but in reality they have much in common and in this article we will examine the areas of overlap and potential leverage benefits.