Michael Phillips is Director, Professional Development Programs and Affiliations at Stage‐Gate International, providing product innovation and New Product Development process professional development programs to clients globally and across a wide range of sizes and types of organizations and industry associations. Michael has extensive experience in adult education, training, and corporate consulting. He has spoken at a number of conferences and has contributed to a variety of industry trade magazines. Michael has significant experience in the oil & gas, medical, plastics, pulp & paper, and manufacturing industries. He holds a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Henley Management College.

Creating Innovation Value: Four Key Drivers to Success

The ability to increase business value through innovation is a critical success driver for most organizations. The markets that we operate in provide both opportunity and risk from an innovation perspective as they are rapidly changing. This article takes a look at a useful framework; The Innovation Diamond™, that examines the complexity and addresses some of the challenges in product innovation.

How to Improve the Innovation Pipeline and Process

Can an organization dramatically improve the quality, speed, and profitability of their new product projects while driving down the risk of failure? Absolutely! Organizations that rely on new products, technologies, and platforms to create customer value, grow market share, enter new markets, increase their profitability, and even alter market and competitive landscapes. In this article Chester Baker, Head of Global Innovation for Abbott Nutrition shares the winning formula for driving innovation in his company.