How to Deal with Productivity Killers in a Flexible Workplace

By far one of the biggest benefits of remote working is the ability to have a flexible schedule. If you can do the work whenever you want---as long as it gets done---this brings an immense amount of freedom. However, freedom comes with responsibility, and since you’re flexible, you can easily start slacking and never really get any work done.

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Have You Taken These 5 Necessary Steps to Increase Your Cybersecurity at Work?

Data breaches at large companies like Facebook and Delta Airlines have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of boardrooms across the world. Major corporations, the healthcare industry, and even the federal government are all monitoring network and digital infrastructures closely. However, many individuals have a hard time grasping how cybersecurity is essential to them.

How the Innovation of the Email Changed Communication and Performance in Business

Business communication involves the exchange of information between parties such as two employees or two firms entering into a contract. The evolution of communication indicates drastic growth since the end of hiring secretaries to send out faxes to staff within the building or far away locations.

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Benchmarking E-mail Usage to Assess Collaborative Innovation

The practice of collaborative innovation opens the door to meaningfully transforming the ways in which people engage with one another as they pursue the critical questions facing the organization. Understanding the extent to which people continue to use incumbent means of collaboration can help you to understand the extent to which they have embraced the practice. In this article Doug Collins suggests having a look at our old friend, e-mail.