New Tech Innovations Are Helping Diabetics Stay Healthier

Diabetes is becoming a growing problem with millions of people struggling to keep their blood glucose levels managed. In addition to altering diet and lifestyle, many patients must also rely on medication.

Why Innovation is the Key to Improving Our Healthcare System

In the United States, American citizens receive treatments for diagnoses that at one time meant certain death, and they enjoy the longest lifespans in recorded history. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that its National Prevention Strategy centers on preventative medicine, an outcome that is greatly promoted by current legislation and technological advancement.

Living Well: The Future of Health and Collaborative Open Innovation

Living Well Collaborative is a new player in the innovation game and a sign of what's to come – downstream innovation management by and on behalf of users, interacting with academics and industry, jointly, to fashion the future. Deborah Mills-Scofield tunes into Living Well..