Heidi Hattendorf is director of innovation development at Motorola Solutions. She heads an innovation program focused on identifying and creating new opportunities in adjacent markets, and technologies to drive growth. She has extensive telecommunication experience in areas including public safety, two-way radios, consumer mobile phones/devices, network solutions and applications. She has experience in the US and abroad, previously working in Europe for over 10 years.



Be Ready for the Next Major Technology Shifts in Your Industry

Technological and industry shifts are important drivers of innovation. Look no further than the advent of the mobile broadband Internet and the shift to the era of intelligent, connected devices. Even though shifts are difficult to anticipate, they often lead to fundamental business changes. Staying up to date with these changes is vital.

Seven Steps to Creating a Successful Innovation Framework

Heidi Hattendorf, director of Innovation Development, Motorola Solutions takes a deep dive into how you can create an innovation framework at your company that will positively impact your business results and culture. The article describes seven steps that will help you implement an “inside out” approach to innovation at your company.

Mastering the Art of Innovation

You can hardly scan the Internet or pick up a business magazine without seeing references to innovation. Companies everywhere are emerging from decades of cost reductions and are now focusing on efficiency, while looking for the next breakthrough idea… the next Post-It Note, the Frappucino or even the new Internet.