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A Modern Reading of Drucker’s Classic “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Peter Drucker wrote Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the 1980s as a book that for the first time put innovation as a regular management tool, side-by-side with strategy and operations in a managed business. It offers little mystification of the term "innovation" and there is much of a practical approach to where innovation is made---or might be made.

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The Card Game to Help You Innovate Like Tesla

Visions and consequently major innovations are molded by the technical and human revolutions that industries live in. In a time when just one big industrial revolution existed, every company simply had to follow the common path (see production automation in the 60's-70's). The 20th century car industry was a good example. Then Internet technology came onto the scene (more complex and diverse than the web from the early 2000's) and the thread for innovation is no longer so straight forward.

What Effect has Digital Innovation had on the World and your Business?

The Internet has forever changed how we work with innovation. Author Marta Domínguez spent the last five years observing the causes and effects of the digital wave and has gathered a list of 22 impacts on the world and your business.

Evolving Innovation in Large Companies Through Web 2.0: No Goals – No Promise

The impact of Web 2.0 has lived up its early technology buzz, and has produced a new ‘economy’ based on sharing. Many firms are seeing these new technologies as facilitating innovation, but are unsure about how best to exploit them. This article is the opener to a series of pieces on how to achieve innovation using the enablers offered by Web 2.0.

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