How to Develop Innovative Leaders

There is no arguing that in today’s marketplace companies must innovate to survive. There is more pressure now than at any other time in history for innovation, especially if companies want to be industry leaders. This is because rapidly changing technology is continually driving changes in markets and shifting trends in customer behavior and expectations.

Innovation Versus Vision

Truly innovative companies do not aim to be innovative. Rather they relentlessly strive to follow a unique strategy, says Jeffrey Baumgartner.

Weak signals, connections and leveraging networks are keys to creativity: Smyre

To creatively prepare for the future in an era of great transition, we need to pay attention to weak signals and look for conections in everything, says futurist Rick Smyre.

A more creative approach to educating future leaders

In economically and socially advanced societies, education is the leading industry going forward. Yet it continues to operate as if it is still 1950. If education is the imperative in our societies, it needs to use new techniques, new methods, new tools, and creativity to make the educational experience more rewarding. It is time for education to catch up with society once again.

Creativity is a core value for leaders navigating uncharted waters, says Seth Kahan

According to leadership author Seth Kahan, navigating uncharted waters which often gives rise to anxiety and uncertainty. Visionary leaders learn to work with that energy and transform it inside themselves into creative progress.

The ‘why’ behind innovation

"Why" is the fundamental question every business leader should be able to answer, immediately, with absolute clarity. Without knowing why a company exists and the purpose of the business, the people who work for an organization cannot align their own, individual beliefs and values with their leaders in order to create the future.

Creativity is an essential change management tool for effective leaders, says Marci Segal

Creativity is more important than ever, considering today's accelerating rate of change in business, says author and expert Marci Segal in this latest Creativity in Business interview. In fact, it's an essential change management tool for effective leaders.